best advice. the first one is my realization, and the second one, my mom said.

best advice. the first one is my realization, and the second one, my mom said.

Things To Be Grateful

1. My job! Not a lot of people are employed nowadays.
2. Those wonderful memories I had with my long-time crush.
3. Newfound friends to hang out everyday.
4. The challenges I face which make me stronger.
5. Finally having a ministry to belong, and to be used for something useful by bringing sould to Salvation. :)

HOW TO HANDLE YOUR FIRST JOB. I bet lahat makakarelate :)

Some good piece of advice I received recently:

"Don’t be afraid to fail. Kasama yun. Kung nagkamali man, ade okay. Tawanan mo lang but learn from it. Discipline and focus lang. Lahat naman mahirap sa simula. Magegets mo din yung process eventually. Preparation is the key. Be as makulit as you can. Sa learnings and experience mo sa araw-araw, mas magiging magaling ka and confident.”


A Letter to my Bestfriend

(Dated MARCH 14, 2013)

I was smiling as I was driving my way home. I realized we’ve been through a lot. You could have been in an accident with me a while ago. You could have died with me even, at the same time, at the same moment. But you chose to stay. Do you have any idea how much danger you are putting yourself into every time you entrust yourself to me? (Edward Cullen mode. LOL) Do you know that it’s the equivalent of entrusting me YOUR LIFE? (Big word!) Haha. Sabagay. It’s the Bella-Edward era - living a life of risk, danger, and uncertainty. Or maybe, beneath your meek persona lies a goddess who thirsts for adrenaline rush?

You may think that you learned many things from me but the truth of the matter is I think I learned more from you. Because you are gentle, I learned to be strong. Because you are moody at times, I learned to be patient and understanding. Because I am impulsive, you taught me how to think first before doing something. Because I am stubborn, you taught me to listen to other people. Because I was contented with my life, you taught me how to dream.

They say that friendship outlasts romantic relationship. I do believe in that. (See? From C***o to C*******n!) Wala pa kong naging “papa” na tumagal ng 9 years na kagaya natin. :D Lahat sila, “flavor of the month” lang! Haha. JK. At kahit may asawa na ko at tumagal kami ng 70 years pa, o kahit 100 years man, mas nauna ka pa rin sa kanya. It was you who was with me in bad times, and in good times. :)

So appreciate yourself more, because other people appreciates you and learn from you. God needs you!

I wanted to write you a letter days before our graduation, but how can I resist when I’m happy like this? :)

May God grant all your wishes!

(Dated April 3, 2013)

Congratz! Gagraduate na talaga tayo bukas. I hope God will stay with us throughout our career. Another congratulations for being a CUM LAUDE! Whenever you feel sad or inferior, just say to yourself, “CUM LAUDE AKO!” :) I believe you deserve more than that. Praise God for granting your wishes!

Bez, pwede bang magrequest? I promise this will be the last! Can we bring back the old times when we used to write each other letters? We don’t know where our career might lead us or bring us. We may never see each other as often as we want. Can we write each other email at least once a week? I’ll always be interested with what’s happening in you life, your kwentos, and everything! I wanna know every details about your first boyfriend, how you land your first job, your new found friends, etc. Let’s keep in touch, and let’s keep on supporting each other’s aspirations and dreams!

Advance happy birthday! I’ll miss you.

I miss you already. :/

I miss you already. :/

Anonymous said: Hi ate. I saw your post on candymag just wanna ask. Are you still using ettas bleaching powder till now?

Hi! Nope. Stick na lang to kojie soap and sunblock. :)

❝I refuse to commit sin, not because I don’t want to break the rules, but because I don’t want to break your heart.❞
– Pastor Ru dela Torre
❝Set high goals. Decide what you want to be. Make yourself unique and employable even to international companies. In business, never say die even if you are failing.❞
– JCFAP Regional convention
❝The Lord gave those things to you. So take care of it; don’t waste it. Do it because you love God. God expects nothing from us except loving Him back.❞
– Rev. Fr. Jose Salvador Mallari, Parish Priest, St. Joseph the Husband of Mary, Bangad Cabanatuan City, Diocese of Cabanatuan

The Lord taught me how painful it is when people neglect (instead of appreciate) things you’ve worked hard for. Because of that, I will be more appreciative of the things that people give/do to me.

The Lord taught me how hard it is to speak when no one wants to listen, maybe because He doesn’t want me to do that to other people. I promise to listen to what others have to say because each and every one of us has something to offer.

The Lord taught me to hope but not expect in any way even though it feels like I’m already on the verge of winning. Not everything will turn out exactly the way you planed it. Every pain is a learning experience. I’m grateful to know these things this early. My life has never been the same. Thank you Lord.

❝Find out what you love and figure out ways on making $$$ out of it.❞
– Kim Kardashian’s mom
❝Life becomes miserable when we search for things that is not there. But if we take time to be thankful about all the things we have, life becomes much happier. Life is simple. We are the ones who make it difficult.❞